hot yoga

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Hot Yoga

What is Hot Yoga?

Hot Yoga is a series of Hatha Yoga postures in a heated room of between 80-90 degrees. The specifically designed sequence of asana's, will induce heat to intensify the stretch of muscles in every part of your body. Where the harder Yang energy works to stimulate and energise, the softer Yin aspect works in unison to calm and soothe. Hot Yoga is suitable for everyone and results are noticeably quick. Hot Yoga is an amazing, fun way to experience all posture levels.

Why so hot?

Imagine hard honey: brittle, cold, adhesive. Now warm the honey: see it run, and as you warm the largest organ in the body, your skin, it relaxes the muscles as they mould to your hard work. Hot Yoga encourages the removal of toxins and waste products from the interstitial spaces of the muscle layers, working each muscle fibre, organ and cell methodically, to allow maximum oxygenation of the blood supply around the body.

What are the benefits

• Stretching of muscles, joints and ligaments in optimal heat conditions

• Increase in range of movement

• Improved feeling of health and wellbeing

• Reduction in recovery time

• Stronger immune system

• Improvement in metabolic rate

• Elimination of toxins

• Promotes relaxation

• Increases strength, stamina, core, flexibility and energy

• Reduced risk to injury

• Breakdown of tissue adhesion

• Better posture


Preparation for Hot Yoga

• Make sure you are hydrated the day before a Yoga class and several hours beforehand

• Best to come on an empty stomach. Try not to eat for at least 2 hours prior to the class

• The studio is heated to around 80-90º; a large towel that fits over your mat is advised for hygiene reasons

• Bring a large bottle of water for during, and after the class

• Wear something suitable as you will get hot and sweaty i.e. shorts/leggings and vest

• Ensure that you arrive at least 10-minutes prior to starting as you will need to fill-in a health questionnaire

Hot Yoga Timetable